An All-Natural Bio-Polymer, which forms a water-shedding shield over both hard and soft surfaces.

Net Contents: 1 U.S. Gallon (128 Fl. Oz)

4 Gallons per case



People speak of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) as they are somehow a new concept, a development of the industrial revolution. Nothing could be further from the truth. VOC’s have been around from the beginning, and simply refer to organic materials that can become airborne where we can breathe them in, smell them and in some manner be offended by them. If they are pleasant VOC’s, we refer to them as FRAGRANCES, if unpleasant, they are ODORS, if poisonous, they are TOXIC VOC’s. Each are still compounds, made of multiple MOLECULES, which are in turn formed of ATOMS, and each atom has small, orbiting ELECTRONS. What OPT does for VOC’s is arrest them in their tracks.


  • An All-Natural Bio-Polymer, which forms a water-shedding shield over both hard and soft surfaces;
  • A Bio-Static Antimicrobial, which uses electrical charges that prevents fungus (mold), bacteria and other microbes from maintaining critical metabolism when in contact with the protected surface.
  • A rigid, yet penetrating hydro-phobic coating and sealer that is only removed by friction, so in attics and crawl-spaces it will last seemingly forever.
  • A Concentrate, able to produce 12 gallons of Ready-to-Use Protection from each case you purchase.

Additional Information



  1. This product is to be used AFTER ODORS HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY REMEDIATED using Indoor Odor20™ Tablets in a aqueous and gaseous form. This means the surfaces have been wiped down with 200ppm solution and the air space treated with ClO2 gas.
  2. If the odors are caused by the presence of MOLD, then please refer to our products GOLD4 MOLD™ and MOLD SHIELD™.


  1. Please use PPE’s as shown on label before mixing or applying this product.
  2. Into a clean container, add 1 gallon of INDOOR ODOR SHIELD™ for every 3000 square feet of surface area, and then add (2) gallons of water and mix thoroughly.
  3. You are now ready to pour from this container into your battery or corded spray application tool.


  1. This product may be applied to ANY environmental surface in a home or business, with two conditions:
    • Temperature of the space should be between 55o F – 80o F.
    • Glass surfaces MUST be immediately buffed with microfiber to remove excess material applied with the sprayer. There should not be VOC’s on clean glass, so it is not necessary to treat these surfaces
  2. Keep microfiber cloths handy while using a battery or corded ULV sprayer or fogger to apply a thorough but VERY THIN coat to all surfaces: walls, ceilings, trim, furniture, fixtures and carpeting.
  3. Apply your thin, dusting coat in two directions: left to right and top to bottom. We can’t stress enough that these are to be thin coats.
  4. There may be a mild and temporary odor of vinegar during application, so air out the house for 10-15 minutes to alleviate the smell


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