Finally! An Odor Control Solution That's Far More Effective Than Any Other Option:

  • Better Than Perfume-Based Odor Solutions
  • Our Science-Based Odor Solution Completely Eliminates Odors At A Molecular Level
  • Leaves No Residue...At All.

    This treatment is a gas and so it completely and harmlessly dissipates, leaving absolutely no residue behind.

  • Eliminates Allergens, Bacteria, and Mold.

    Totally eliminates mold, bacteria, and allergens.

  • 4.6X Smaller Than Ozone

    Reaches literally everywhere. Reaches odor sources you could never reach and stops them dead in their tracks.

  • Eliminates Odors Other Systems Can't

    Including the toughest pet odors, longtime nicotine odors, cooking odors, skunk and animal odors.

Cleaners abandon odor control because they don't have a solid system that works every time.

Many cleaners have tried odor control before.


After a few frustrating jobs with multiple trips back to the house, trying to find odor sources that were missed... and trying desperately to finish and get paid for a job that the customer will never be happy with... They quit.

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  • This creates a massive opportunity in the market.
  • People NEED this done and they'll pay serious money for it.
  • There reallly is no competition
Bucket generating Chlorine Dioxide gas

Now, YOU Can Pick Up ALL Of Those Jobs That Other Cleaners Are Running Away From..And It's A Cinch To Do These Jobs.

It's common for our network members to do literally hundreds of the toughest odor jobs out there, without having to refund once!

Our system is that good, and because it's so effective... it will make you money!


Here's Why You Want To Add Odor Control To Your Business:

  • The Best Reason: You'll Make More Money:

    By providing a niche service that's valuable and has very little competition, you can create a steady extra revenue stream for your business almost immediately.

Here's How:

  • Advanced Technology Completely Eliminates Odors Fast:

    Lots of people have odor problems. Allows you to provide a long-term and complete solution that other companies aren't able to provide. The process is easy to learn... and it really works.

  • High Demand, Low Competition:

    Odor issues are common, but very few companies offer odor control as a standalone service. This creates a powerful opportunity for you to be the specialist, and charge specialist prices.

  • Easy To Learn And Implement

    You probably already have almost all of the equipment you'll need, as well as a customer base that probably needs odor control services. With our system, it's easy to do the jobs.

  • Learn Online

    You can learn everything you need to know right here on this website!

  • World Class Support System

    You're never more than a phone call away from an experienced professional that can help you if you get stuck, from pricing, to technical help, to how to sell it... You're covered, and you're not alone.

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