What's Possible?

Add-on services are common and everyone SAYS they have a great opportunity for you... So just how big is the opportunity here?

Take a look at some of these real jobs and see for yourself!

doggy daycare

Doggy Day Care

A commercial property was used as a doggy day care for over 15 years. After many years, the doggie daycare closed down and the owners retired.

The property was sold and of course had serious odor issues. The Realtor called a local member of the Odor Control Network. Within two days the odor was completely gone. The result? A happy seller, buyer, and Realtor. Also, a sale that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Took 2 people 2 days - 2 X 8 X 2 = 32 man hours

Billed out at $15,000

$468.75 per man hour

fire roof

Day Spa

A small independent day spa (facials and that sort of thing) had a small fire that was started by a contractor in their roof. They got the fire put out quickly, but some smoke got into their space and of course there was an odor.

The space was treated. Overnight the odor was completely gone. The result? They could continue their operations. If they had gone with a traditional restoration company, they would've been closed for weeks, waiting for contents etc. to get cleaned.

It was FAR cheaper, and it was a quick solution.

Took 2 people 6 hours - 2 X 6 = 12 man hours

Billed out at $4,000

$333.33 per man hour

hoarder house

Cat Lady Hoarder House

A lady became reclusive after a divorce, began hoarding and had over 40 cats living in the house with her.

The cats were never let outside. No litter boxes either!

The house was gutted, concrete sealed, everything painted and the house was sold. The new owners began to notice foul odors in the home. No one knew what else to do.

A local Odor Control Network member was able to completely eliminate the odor, and made good money doing it.

Took 2 people 12 hours - 2 X 12 = 24 man hours

Billed out at $6,500

$270.00 per man hour

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